Arts & Ideas Festival Creativity Workshops - International Centre for Creativity and Imagination

Imagination is more important than knowledge / Knowledge is limited / Imagination encircles the world / ALBERTEINSTEIN


$99 - Saturday, June 18, 9am-4pm
Albertus Magnus College (directions)
New Haven, Connecticut


$99 - Tuesday, June 21, 12-4pm
Yale UNIVERSITY School of Art
New Haven, Connecticut


$99 - Saturday, June 25, 9am-4pm
Albertus Magnus College  
(directions | PARKING/BUILDING)
New Haven, Connecticut


The body is as much a creative organ as our brain, yet many of us ignore our kinesthetic intelligence. From playing with ideas, to moving toward insight, to embodying creative wisdom, movement is both a creative act in its own right while also a means of feeding creativity in other areas. Discover from Irish poet Anne O'Reilly how play creates the space for creativity and transformation. Then, join national leaders in dance, movement and play - representing Pilobolus Dance Theatre, InterPlay, the Alexander Technique and others - to explore how the physical experience of moving can unlock your creativity and imagination. No previous dance experience is necessary to participate in this day, but be prepared to move.

Creativity is a skill that helps us plan for and respond to a rapidly changing world where complex problems do not have pre-defined, easy solutions. We can intentionally learn to think in new ways to generate creative alternatives. Come and discover creative tools and processes that can help you and your organization unleash and harness more creativity and innovation. You will learn skills for applied creativity that can help you overcome blocks to creativity, discover fresh approaches to problem solving, practice behaviors and attitudes that support creative thinking, learn to suspend judgment, and be more inspired.

We are all creative beings - continually challenged to tap into those fundamental passions that are part of ourselves, while leaving behind the judgments and blocks that keep us from living our purpose. Learn how to think in new ways, generate new ideas, and make new connections. Come and be inspired, apply imagination, and invent new possibilities for your life and work. You will:

  • Learn practical strategies for unleashing, harnessing and applying your creativity. 

  • Discover how creativity can help you discover meaning and live your purpose. 

  • Explore the connections between creativity, purpose, spirituality and intuition.

Join facilitators with experience in arts therapy, education, creativity, art, spirituality and ethics to engage your creativity on purpose and for purpose.




Do you want to (re)discover your creativity? Learn tools for new ways of thinking? Find alternatives? Get unstuck? Discover others who value creativity? Understand the creative process? Connect with your purpose? Play more? Engage creativity in the workplace? This series links the creativity of others - presented in the Arts & Ideas lectures and performances - with an in-depth opportunity to engage your personal creativity and its applications in organizations and society. Come and be inspired, feed your imagination, surprise yourself, try new things, improve your skills, express your creative spirit, remove judgment, fire your passions, and explore possibilities. Participate with leading facilitators from Pilobolus Dance Theatre; InterPlay; AIGA Connecticut; co:lab; International Centre for Creativity and Imagination; Albertus Magnus College; Yale University's Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics; along with Rachel Bernsen and Dorie Shallcross. Plus, Irish poet Anne F. O'Reilly will join us for all three workshops, supported by Imagine Ireland. Anne is the author of Sacred Play: Soul Journeys in Contemporary Irish Theatre and Singing from the Belly of the Whale.

The series is curated by Steven Dahlberg and presented by the International Centre for Creativity and Imagination, Albertus Magnus College, Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, and Connecticut Creates, in partnership with the International Festival of Arts & Ideas. Additional support provided by Imagine Ireland.


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