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Making wine is a highly interdisciplinary art—blending horticulture, chemistry, biology, mechanics, the senses, creativity, and more—in both the vineyard and the winery. Similarly, consuming and enjoying wine brings together both the science of taste and smell and the aesthetics of experiencing wine. At the close of the symposium, join this “multi-sensory tasting experience” to explore the intersection of creativity, wine, and the brain. Discover how master sommeliers learn to understand wine, what’s happening in the brain when we taste and smell wine—and how this knowledge and experience is transferred to others. Practice looking at, smelling and tasting wines as the experts do, while sampling four Connecticut wines from Hopkins Vineyard and continuing to explore the nature of wine through the lens of STEAM. Register now for the whole symposium and/or the wine event!



There are so many ways a life can be told! Come and discover more about the broader Archival Memoir Project, and how you might connect with it to document and share your own stories and experiences. Then, join us to explore how our dreams can help us shape and live a more creative, playful and healthy life. Find out more about these Connecticut Archival Memoir Project events on October 28 and the Active Dreaming Workshop on November 1.



Blouin ARTINFO Creative Process Panel Summary: 'Creativity -- From Food to Art -- at the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit'



This class explores the role of imagination and creativity in adapting to and creating change and innovating in the dynamic healthcare industry. Removing barriers to creativity and change - both within oneself and in the organizational environment - is key to fostering successful innovation. Innovation begins with believing that fundamental change is possible. To solve complex problems and develop innovative products and outcomes in healthcare requires developing creative thinking mindsets in people, motivating and engaging employees, cultivating a culture where creativity and innovation can thrive, building a learning environment, and overcoming obstacles.



Creativity in Play explores the importance of creativity, play and imagination across society. Hosted by Steven Dahlberg and Mary Alice Long, Ph.D. Produced by the International Centre for Creativity and Imagination, in partnership with the National Creativity Network. ... 'The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.' – Carl Jung



  • "Living Your Purpose Through Creativity" on The Intuitive Path radio show with Anja Weiland
    Listen to the stream from the live interview of Steven Dahlberg on December 10, 2010.
  • "Locating Creativity: Can Art and  Innovation Revitalize Hartford?" on WNPR's Where We Live @ Real Art Ways
    Steven Dahlberg talks about creativity and creative community building during this live public radio event in Hartford, Connecticut on November 19, 2009.
  • Ken Robinson Encourages Creativity, Passion and Talents
    By Steven Dahlberg - Creativity writer and consultant Ken Robinson launched his new book, The Element, at the Ridgefield Play House in Connecticut at an event sponsored by The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Robinson began by reminding the audience of the power of the imagination. "All cities owe their existence to imagination," he said. "It's this power of imagination will take us into the future -- or not. And it's this kind of imagination that's most at risk. I think we squander it. Not only squander it -- but suppress it ruthlessly." ... I was honored to also participate in a pre-lecture Roundtable on "Innovation in Our Schools" with colleagues from education, arts, business and government. The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum hosted the Roundtable at which the organizers asked: "What does it look like, feel like and sound like when all of the partners in a student's learning community (i.e. peers, teachers, administrators, parents, coaches, community organizations, businesses, etc.) model creativity and innovation in a way that serves the student?" Read More
  • Art with heart ... Community banner project to brighten downtown Rock Hill
    The Herald of Rock Hill, South Carolina, reports that "A splash of color will liven up the winter blahs in downtown Rock Hill, part of a community arts program sponsored by the Arts Council of York County and the Rock Hill school district. ... The community art project, titled Creativity: The Heart of the Community, is led by artists in residence Steven Dahlberg and JoAnn Moran, both from Connecticut. The project is a way for people to express themselves and participate in creating their own community through art, Dahlberg said. 'It is a way to engage people in creating their community and bring people together that wouldn't normally work together, like youth and adults.' Dahlberg said. ... Dahlberg said the project is collaborative, so everyone can add something."
  • Seat-of-the-Pants Innovation
    Steven Dahlberg talks about workplace creativity and innovation in Industrial Fabric Products Review article - May 2007
  • Applied Imagination
    "It's not hard to engage your core creativity, says Steve Dahlberg, but it can feel awkward at first. ... 'Part of it is simply paying attention and noticing whether you're judging what you're thinking or are remaining open to putting the pieces together in different ways,' he says." - Quoted in Northwestern Mutual's Creative Living Magazine



  • Engaging Creative Community: Sculpting Society by Choice, Not by Chance
    Steven Dahlberg contributed this piece to a cooperatively-produced issue of New Village Online, which is  on the theme of "Unboxing Democracy's Magic." The four articles explore creativity, communities and democracy and include:

    • Democracy Without Boxes or Borders - By Len Krimerman
    • Democracy and Education: One Community Example - By Phoebe Godfrey
    • Communiversity: Weaving a Community Web of Love and Hope - By Gus Jaccaci
  • Steven Dahlberg Participates in "COMV08: 2008 National Communiversity Conference"
    Dahlberg joined nearly 40 people from 14 communities -- including Willimantic, Connecticut -- to share examples of community learning and creative engagement. The conference was held in Maine from July 25 to 27. Dahlberg and three other Windham-area residents represented the Imagine Willimantic Communiversity.
  • Think and Be Heard: Creativity, Aging, and Community Engagement (PDF)
    Americans for the Arts releases white paper about creativity, arts and aging, written by Steven Dahlberg as a follow up to the 2007 MetLife Foundation National Arts Forum Series
  • Steven Dahlberg to Collaborate with Windham High School Young Poets
    Steven Dahlberg and the International Centre for Creativity and Imagination will collaborate with Windham High School, The Young Poets group, and teacher Lynn Frazier for a semester-long, interdisciplinary "Think and Be Heard" creativity project.

  • Steven Dahlberg Selected in Case Foundation's Top 100 Breakthrough Ideas
    Steven Dahlberg's proposal -- on behalf of his Willimantic, Connecticut, community -- has been selected from nearly 5,000 proposals as a Top 100 Idea Finalist in the Case Foundation's "Make It Your Own" Awards program. The project is for "Weaving a New Willimantic": A former thread-mill town weaves a new creative fabric --  where people's ideas matter, where we engage our creativity together and where we co-create our community's common good. We will use inclusive dialogue processes to coordinate current citizen-centered projects and to include more voices. -- The Chronicle profiles Dahlberg and this project: "Dahlberg Brings People Together Through Creativity."

  • Continental Creative President: European Leader Calls for Culture, Diversity and Openness to Solve Global Problems
    By Steven Dahlberg - European Commission President José Manuel Barroso's closing keynote at the Global Creative Leadership Summit made a strong case for the role of creativity, innovation and diversity for addressing global problems such as climate change and fighting poverty. "Those are the two main tasks of leadership in the 21st century," he said. The other global issue linked with solving climate change and poverty is culture. "Culture is a solution."
  • Local view: Now could be creative turning point for Duluth
    Steven Dahlberg writes in the Duluth News Tribune (June 2007): As the Duluth-Superior area proceeds into the Knight Creative Communities Initiative, it’s important to consider how to engage everyone’s creativity — not just that of artists or the creative class — in community and economic development. ... For more than 15 years, I’ve been working internationally in the field of creativity, advocating for the importance of creative thinking and helping people unleash and harness more of their inherent creative abilities. Yet my creative endeavors began in Duluth as a teenage entrepreneur, a freelance writer and photographer and a political junkie. I am delighted to know that the Duluth-Superior area was among just three cities chosen by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to work with economist Richard Florida.
  • The Right to Be Creative – In Schools, In Prison and In Life [Named as Editors' Pick at]
    By Steven Dahlberg - Inmates forfeit many rights while they are in prison. But their "right to think and be heard" - to think creatively and express their ideas
  • After Katrina: Creativity's Role in Trauma and Growth (PDF)
    Commentary: The residents in the Hurricane Katrina-hit areas are facing the challenge of asking "what next?" and of looking for ways to meaningfully engage in redefining their identities. The hurricane survivors aren't challenged about how to simply adapt one particular aspect of their lives. Rather, individuals, organizations and the community at-large are all asking: How might I completely recreate my own life, while simultaneously recreating my entire community from the ground up? This entire process and search is a creative act. And thriving in one's post-hurricane life is a challenge of the imagination.
  • Creativity by Choice, Not by Chance: Developing Imagination In the Intelligence Community (PDF)
    A response to the 9/11 Commission Report that declared that it is "crucial to find a way of routinizing, even bureaucratizing, the exercise of imagination" and to the House of Representatives Committee on Intelligence hearings that followed in August to discuss the intelligence community’s "failure of imagination" and the "requirement for imagination and creativity" going forward.


Listen to Creativity in Play with Steve Dahlberg and Mary Alice Long on Blog Talk Radio

Steven Dahlberg to deliver closing keynote on creativity, wine and the brain for "Full STEAM Ahead" Symposium at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum - Ridgefield, CT, September 17, 2016

Steven Dahlberg to co-facilitate xLab on "Transferring Knowledge: What Beer Cicerone Training Can Teach Us about Expertise" at Training magazine's 2016 Online Learning Conference - Chicago, IL, September 20, 2016 - SAVE $250 for the 2016 Online Learning Conference when you use ICCI code to register! 

Steven Dahlberg developing creative thinking skills curriculum for Habitat for Humanity Guyana - 2015-2016

Applied Imagination blog
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Steven Dahlberg moderates creativity and STEAM dialogue inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci at the Connecticut Science Center - Hartford, CT, April 13, 2016

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"Every human being is an artist ... called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and condition our lives."
:: Joseph Beuys


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